About Us

xBooklet Edu is a Member of xBooklet Network, an e-commerce entity based in the Southern coast of Ghana (Kasoa) in the Central Region. xBooklet Edu is a credible and authentic Social Education platform for both academics and Training Institutions.

xBooklet Edu is dedicated to providing the highest quality education and training possible for students, examination candidates in order to effect the best treatment available for all individuals and families whose lives may someday be touched by those who have come to us for our services (education and training).

Currently xBooklet Edu is operating with over 100 subjects learning materials in our xLibrary, one million examination questions from over 100 subjects which cut across all academic and training levels(Basic and High Schools, various Colleges of Education and Health, Graduate and Under Graduates studies, Professional programs, Aptitudes Test, DVLA and Uber Driving Test etc).

With assistance from our noble examination partners, experts and tutors from various part of the globe, we vow to provide clear learning outcomes, detailed instruction, and assessment for all services to ensure that course and examination questions are credible and impartial which contain moral and intellectual integration.

xBooklet Edu believe that learning and training materials are not available only in classrooms or lecture halls but should be made available to student at any point in time.

Colleges, schools, organizations etc can now conduct their examinations with xBooklet Edu. With our powerful system and secured framework, you are assured of value for money and deliver excellence results. We provide timely relevant;

  •  Instant result in PDF
  • Explanation per question
  • Support Plain Text, Video, Image and Audio Questions
  • Support over 120 international languages.
  • Paid and Free Exams/Test 
  • Anti-Cheat Settings(Browser Tolerance) 
  • Random Question/Options
  • Live and Preparation Exams
  • Schedule Automatic Exams Time 
  • Group Based Exams 
  • Exams Timer 
  • Secured Payment Gateway (Credit Cards, Voucher, and Mobile Money across Africa, PayPal, and Offline Payment among others.)

There is personalized opportunities and intellectual information to and for all students and examination candidates.Through our local and international partners, we always deliver on high quality examination resources to broaden our services.

xBooklet Edu is the largest social education platform for all various education which cut across all the educational industries (academics and training) in the Africa. We vow to honour.